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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Meadow Mountain

This goat is hilarious. I left for work yesterday evening intending to put her to bed before I left, but just on my way out Hubby said he'd put her in so I could get to work. I had a text waiting for me when I pulled up at my first call from Hubby. It said "This goat's mental! I've just been down to put her in and she's stood on top of the barbecue!" He wasn't all that impressed though really as he'd only finished building it yesterday and she knocked all his tiles off the top. It's a good job the cement had just about set!

We had a big fire in the land today - a controlled one, obviously, and we let the Fire Brigade know before hand, being responsible citizens and all. All of the bramble, fern and rubbish from the main area has now disappeared, the only way possible. It's weird, it doesn't look quite so insurmountable. We still have loads of rubble. Loads of it. So we're making a couple of rockeries. Should be a nice little haven for wildlife in there too. That's my plan for all that space. Wildlife haven. I'm going to plant a meadow.

I have no idea how to do that just yet, but I will research. It will be good for Madame, and more importantly, good for us - no maintenance, with our built in grass cutter. It's SO big and SO steep, I'm not sure what else we could really do with it. I'm going to do some lovely hardy shrubs, maybe hedge, and a lovely big meadow. That should bring in some bees too, maybe next year I'll get my hives. I don't want to take on too much in one go - maybe the pond and orchard will have to wait a little also!

And I never thought I'd say it but, I NEED SOME RAIN!


  1. ha ha I said that Duffle would stand on the barbecue!...dont forget the Butterflies, a lot of them are in danger of extinction now

  2. What do we have to do to encourage butterflies, Jen?