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Friday, 9 April 2010


Well I think I've found my calling in life.

I like horses, but I know they're an awful lot of commitment and work that I'm not sure I'm up to. Goats, are a lot less of the same sort of work, but still a lot of fun. I think the teenager of the house might disagree with me there though!

So anyway, the goat headline. Are you ready?

Thanks to my local friendly smallholding neighbour, Hubby and he discovered that....


There is a distinct lack of todger and presence of boobies. Within a few seconds of the discovery she had miraculously turned from a handsome young man to a sexy doe. I wonder if you can buy hoof paint?

So, Duffle is now "Madame". And I think her name suits the little cow just beautifully. She makes our Labrador look like a brain surgeon. But she's starting to love me, and I just adore her. She fogged up my glasses today sniffing me, follows me everywhere and I got a proper full on goat kiss. It does mean that Ms Callan needs to stop flirting with my goat totty now, or pledge allegiance to the "other side"!

Did you know goats suck up water to drink? I bloody didn't! I nearly wet myself when she puckered up in her drink trough earlier! She got herself a proper food basket today from our smallholding neighbour too.

So I've been doing some research about keeping. There is actually a "goat keeping for dummies" book available! The second most interesting thing I've really learned is that it really is quite important to have a herd, even if that means just two (I'm rather liking the look of the pygmy goats!) but far more important than that


Take a look at this ... I'm so in love...I feel a herd coming on ...


  1. Loving it! must come and visit! kids will love him/her! Hoping to get our chickens this weekend! Sara Soap x

  2. I never knew female goats had such big horns....i am picturing you like Heidi now and am singing the lonely goat-herder song from the sound of music :)

  3. I'm expecting a mass of visitors over the next few weeks and , of course, you'll be MOST welcome! All of you! Your chickens will be great - are they all named now? We'll have to arrange a visit and I'll do a bulk order at the same time to save on transportation costs :)

    Jen, neither did we!!! It was a bit of a surprise! From what I can work out, all goat (that's the plural, don't you know :) )have horns, but it is sensible to "de-bud" them at an early age. A bit like having dew claws removed; better for all concerned due to the damage likely if you don't. If the horns get to 1/2 to 1 inch, you're too late and it's not possible to do anything about then.

    Think short, flame haired buxom tattoed Heidi singing the new Marilyn Manson track - closely followed by Jerusalem, obviously :)

  4. Well, I haven't met her yet, but I think there are good odds of me batting for the other side :)

  5. Excellent :) That's what we like :)