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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

God Gave Rock'n'Roll To Yoooooooooo...

Well, my Organic hair colourant has arrived today finally and it's currently "on-bonce". The only problem is the packaging says that it contains no Heavy Metals. Now that's not very rock'n'roll, is it?!

I remember the days when you had a choice of a whole 4 shades of Henna dye. Now there's, like, ten - maybe more. A paper packet containing brown weird smelling dust that had to be mixed into a cold paste and applied liberally to one's barnett with a paint brush, covered in foil and left for ever, it felt like.

It now comes in a very similar box, if I'm honest, but, what's inside that's changed. No messy dust, no mixing, no nasty niffs. It's ready to rock'n'roll as soon as you can say "orange ears", and the really great thing is that you can put the top back on and reuse at a convenient time. There's no chemical reaction induced by the mixing of two chemicals, and you can put your veggie colour on every day, if it so suits you.

Reading through the leaflet on the box was a bit of an eye opener, I must be honest. I had no idea, naive maybe, that conventional hair colour contained soooooo much bad ju ju. I won't be using another off the shelf conventional hair colour having read that. Even if I have to Henna every couple of weeks.

I think it's the botanics advert or something that has the logo "the power of plants" which always makes me laugh as I can't help but imagine a celery bunch in a superhero costume stood proudly, cape billowing, on the top of a sky scraper, but when you can get a product SO good and SO powerful completely naturally and predominantly organic, it makes me wonder why more people don't.

I've just mad home made product. A conditioning hair mask for after the colour. It looks and smells like sick sick, especially when it plopped in the sink, in fairness to Meg, who did actually retch, my stomach wobbled too!

An egg, a mashed banana, 3 tablespoons milk, 5 tablespoons Olive oil, mixed up and plopped on for as long as you can be bothered to keep it on. I've only used half too, so I'll put it in the fridge for another go in a day or two. God knows my hair needs it after all the messing with it last summer. Funnily enough, Meg turned down the offer of the other half.

I'm sure it'll be great. It contains Olive oil. I love the stuff. Been putting it on my hands every night when I go to bed, and then my hands in cotton socks. Hubby is now even more convinced that I'm barking but my hands are starting to improve. I swear that put Olive oil on my abdominal area stopped me from getting stretchmarks when I carried Meg. I just have a few little ones on my sides which didn't get as much oil as other areas.

The power of plants indeed! If I go blow dry my hair now will I get scrambled egg?

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