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Sunday, 7 March 2010

There's coal in them there hills!

All this rubbish came out of the hole you can see. There's no need for it, is there?

Well, this mountain of ours is certainly keeping us busy.

Yesterday I filled 3 more black bags with rubble, and between yesterday afternoon and this morning's work, I have collected a plastic stacker box and a half of glass.

I've uncovered yet more shoes, tights, carpets, clothes and general junk, not to mention feet and feet and feet of coke. And coal. It's a real shame we don't know anyone with a coal fire. it's an even bigger shame that we don't have one.

My finger nails are black, I'm scratched from head to toe again with brambles, and thoroughly enjoying it.

The railway sleepers are in place, we've made a big dent in levelling the one area, and it's coming along nicely.

Last night, I made a really good head start on the Mother's Day presents too - and I'm knocking up another couple for some very deserving friends, but that's a secret(ish!); there'll be photos to follow!

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