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Sunday, 14 February 2010

To a Very Special Friend

Friends are here for the long term. 30 years plus.

To my very special friend who has no idea how special she is, and who has made my night despite probably thinking that she's ruined everyone's.

Friends will never ask or demand you prove yourself to them. If you feel you have to then you may well be proving yourself to yourself.

Never be fooled by glossy exteriors. People you think have it all are simply lacking in areas they never permit you to see. In the grand scheme of things, no one has done things "the right way" because it doesn't exist.

Everyone has made bad decisions.

Everyone has been taken advantage of/walked over and if they've got away with only that then they're very lucky.

There isn't a competition running for successfulness. It is all relative. What I, you and they perceive to be "successful" today will be different to tomorrow, different to 5 years ago and in different in 3 weeks time. Lives change, alter their focus and shift constantly - it's an ever moving flow, just like friendship.

Friends love each other BECAUSE of their bad points/inabilities/areas of lacking not DESPITE them. Our tender spots make up who we are.

It's absolutely fine to be nervous. Nerves are good and healthy. I have a really good understanding of this now, and a story for another time. It's very easy to be drawn into over compensating, but that's neither helpful or necessary.

Purely and simply, you're a wonderful person, warts and all. You are enough. You're funny, clever, kind, vulnerable and gentle. You're loved by many, just as you are. You've nothing to prove to anyone, especially not yourself.

And finally, it's not about making mistakes, it's about what you do with the ones you do make.

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