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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Well, thanks again to the Mumatron for coming up with another blinder. I shall be nipping into my local shop for a couple of boxes as this stuff seems to be even more useful than Vodka! Unless of course you want it in a glass with coke and ice, then, I think, the Vodka is the way forward.

So get a load of this magic stuff:

22 uses for Bounce, yes, the stuff you put in tumble driers:

  1. It chases away ants when you lay a sheet near by.
  2. Spread sheets around foundation areas in caravans and cars that are to be unused for a while. The Bounce repels mice.
  3. It takes the odour off books and albums that don't get opened too often, put a sheet in the leaves.
  4. Tie a sheet of bounce through you belt when out doors in Midge and Mosquito season - the bounce repels them, also Bees and Wasps too.
  5. Eliminate static from your TV/PC screens. It also stops dust from resettling.
  6. Dissolve soap scum from shower doors; clean with a sheet of bounce.
  7. Freshen drawers, boxes and wardrobes with a sheet.
  8. Put a sheet in the vacuum cleaner to banish nasty niffs.
  9. Prevent thread from tangling; run a threaded needle through a sheet of Bounce before sewing.
  10. Prevent musty suitcases, chuck a sheet in before storing.
  11. To freshen the air in your car, shove a sheet in the foot well under the seat.
  12. Clean baked on foods from a cooking pan; put a sheet in the pan, fill with water and let it sit overnight. Apparently the anti-static agent weakens the bond between the food and the dish.
  13. Collect cat hair (maybe Dog too?) but dusting with a Bounce sheet (I don't know about you but I might just give the Dogs a wipe over with one as their always giving me static shocks).
  14. Eliminate static electricity from venetian blinds by wiping them with Bounce. Again, also, stops dust resettling.
  15. Using a sheet to wipe up dust after drilling, will clean it up like a tack cloth.
  16. Eliminate laundry hamper/waste basket odours by putting a sheet in the bottom
  17. Deodorize shoes and trainers by putting a sheet in overnight.
  18. Pack a sheet into your sleeping bags before storage and it keeps them smelling fresh.
  19. Hose down your car windscreen and use a damp Bounce sheet to remove bugs easily.

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