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Sunday, 14 February 2010

"Morning Jerry!" "Morning Tom!" "Morning Margot!" "Morning Barbara!"

I ache from head to toe. The Husband and I have spent 2 days clearing our land.

Anyone who has seen the land we're lucky enough to get with our house will know that this is no mean feat.

The Husband borrowed a Brash Cutter from college and we've worked our butts off clearing. We had a lovely bonfire yesterday with a load of the brash, and there are going to be a lot more of those to come.

The top part was fairly straight forward, raking up the brash, but the next tier down was horrendous. The waste we've had to clear through has been incredible.

2 mattresses, a gate, a kids sit on fire engine thing, a washing basket, bags and bags of clothes, buried in the earth, more shoes than you can imagine, several carpets, old tyres, scrap metal up the ying-yang and more broken glass than I could ever imagine. There was even a crochet blanket there. I was really annoyed about that.

Someone, probably out of the goodness of their heart, has sat with a hook and yarn for hours and hours making that blanket, for someone to chuck it onto "waste ground". Trust me, if I could have rescued it and given it a new lease of life, I would have, but it's beyond repair. But the sheer wastefulness I've had to deal with is just incredible. I now have to physically shift it all the way down the hill, calling in on every bonfire we have every 100 yards or so.

Exactly what do people who dump stuff like that think is going to happen to it? It doesn't just just disintegrate. But I guess that's just it, isn't it, they don't think. I've found some lovely bits down there so far that I can reuse and turn into something once again loved. I've found lots of little old jars and glass bottles that must be years old, they'll be scrubbed and used for something, probably decorative.

Because that's what this labour of love is all about really, I guess. Turning something that we already own but has been ignored and neglected for decades into something useful, loved and purposeful.

I really am going to have the best garden in the world. An orchard, bee hives, an ornamental area, and a tiered vegetable garden. I wonder if I could squeeze a pond in there? I'd have everything I've ever wanted then. As of now, we've only spent money on the fuel for the Brash Cutter. All the unearthed bricks, rock and rubble is being re-used creating the tiers.

And my "Indoor Propagation Centre" (kitchen window sill) seems to be getting excited at the prospect of being transplanted into my newly created vegetable patch. "The Good Life" here we come!


  1. Somehow I can't envisage you being as sickly sweet as Barbara but definately as tenacious. There is something very satisfying about putting physical effort in to a project and your reward will make you forget about your back-ache.
    If you don't have a greenhouse then a polytunnel is a cheaper and effective alternative.
    My other half came up with a brilliant idea a while ago to make a greenhouse out of discarded glass panel doors, but it really depends if you can pack them up for little or nothing.
    I love chickens and would love to keep them if I had some land but I think the boys would be consumed by excitement.
    "out of the strong come forth sweetness"

  2. "out of the strong come forth sweetness" what a lovely quote! I have a friend who's just erected a polytunnel. It's definitely the way forward. I shall have one on one of the tiers.

    I always fancied chickens, but I don't need to bother now as our next door but one land neighbour has chickens, ducks, geese, so we get all the benefit without any of the hard work! I ;love gearing the cockrel in the morning and he shouts like hell at us when we're on our land as if we're infringing on his! Always fancied a pet pig though :)