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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Preparation and Planning Continues

There's a recurring theme in all this. Effort. Effort and me don't necessarily go hand in hand, but, they're having to a bit more these days and I don't think that's any bad thing.

Resisting the lure of "new stuff" doesn't necessarily have to be detrimental, but it does take a bit more thought, planning and ingenuity to not feel like you're missing out.

I must be honest, I'm enjoying the fact that some of my favourite clothes are getting a proper look in, wear wise. It's nice to wear nice things and it's a really nice feeling knowing that you're using things to their full capacity and enjoying them. I've got to start planning now, though for the first of the two events of the year - the two festivals. What do you mean which two? THERE ARE ONLY TWO! - Download and Sonisphere.

Being slightly older than the average Downloader means that I pay considerably more attention to comfort than "the youngsters". Comfort wearing, comfort walking, comfort in varying weather conditions and comfort carrying around all day. Of course, however, the aesthetics are rather important too at this showcase for rock'n'roll people.

The fact that I've lost the weight (thanks for my Slimming World Magazine Kath!) does make things a little easier. Last year I was more than a little uncomfortable in my gear. This shouldn't be the case this year. Footwear is going to require some planning though, I don't want blisters like last year, and getting the comfort and look right with what I already have is going to require some ingenuity, preparation and planning. And some crochet. There's going to be some crochet involved.

Anyway, thanks to a spot of insomnia I made good progress last night on the cardi I started over Christmas. It's looking really nice and I'm enjoying every stitch. I look forward to wearing it for the first time, even though it's a way off yet.

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