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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Exciting News Afoot

Had an email today from a BIG national magazine. It is proposed that an article be discussed for the July issue as the June one has already been put together. That would be great if it came off. Not done anything with a magazine yet.

So I'd better start writing something decent.

I put in an order from an eco-product site the other day so I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I ordered biodegradable poo bags (we use A LOT having 3 gorgeous hounds so I thought it was about time I did my bit on the plastic front), borax and a big box of bicarbonate of soda, so I never need to fall for the marketing propaganda of flash/cillit bang/jif for my house and caravan cleaning needs, and some environmentally friendly disinfectant for the same reason as the poo bags. Only I could get excited about that.

I paid less than £4 for the boxes of borax and bicarb, which, by my reckoning, will clean everything in the house (except glass - for that I have white vinegar) for at least 6 months. That can't be bad. And I doubt you can buy a product that's as good as borax in the supermarket.

I did indulge on one product I bought, sort of. Due to a period of severe messing about with the colour of my hair last year, I have to fairly regularly put a colour on to even it out. I've really gone past the time that I should've done it, but I was deciding what to do. What I decided seems appropriate an a few levels, which, to me, proves that resisting the lure of the shiny packaging and celebrity endorsement can be beneficial all round.

I bought a henna colour. It's organic, fairly traded and completely natural. I have used them before many years ago so I know they work. It genuinely works with the colour you already have, it actually conditions and protects your hair, and now comes ready mixed instead of having to mix it yourself like you used to. I think it'll last longer than the chemical rubbish too.

So being mindful of the environment and consumerism does not have to mean being less glamorous!

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