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Monday, 8 February 2010

Whensa Your Dolmio Day?

Today I have been mostly making homemade Italian tomato sauce. The "young people" scoffed the last batch the other week after the Blackout!, so I ordered a crate of tomatoes from the food co-op last week and after school today Meg and I embarked upon a marathon sauce making session and the results are marvelous, if we do say so ourselves.

There has been much thriftiness, creativeness and gardening-ness since I've been away.

Ms. Brooks cordially invited my good self and a couple of mutual friends around for a lentil-fest on Friday night. I'd not been out for a while so was rather looking forward to some tasty home cooking and good company, I just needed something new to wear.

(Cue a pair of Steve's old jeans and a big gorgeous wrap my Nana gave me)

I un-stitched the inside legs of the jeans, shortened, and made a lovely grey denim skirt. Then I stitched the end of the wrap to the side at the other end and made a gorgeous grey fluffy knitted poncho that everyone admired. It's incredibly warm too and a great use of the wrap as it was a bit big to be a scarf, and I don't really use wraps, so now, it's a lovely jumper type thing. Hey presto, a whole new outfit for nowt.

Thanks to Ms. Fleming, the growing is going good too. I've now potted up my apple seeds that are growing beautifully and the leeks, onions and tomatoes are all sprouting. I've gratefully accepted the gift of a whole load of gardening stuff, along with enough jars to make my Syn free sauce. I've had to transfer them to another window sill too as I ran out of space on the other one.

So the "Mumatron" has promised me two lovely emails of hints and tips in keeping with my frugality/anti-consumerism. One of them is about different uses for Bounce tumble drier sheets. I'm looking forward to that one, I must be honest.

The crochet is coming along beautifully and I've found some lovely inspirational thought for the day type words that fit in nicely with the theme of the blog. Stand by for inspiration.


  1. Excellent!! I read this when I woke up this morning and I have never felt so inspired at 7.30am. I attempted to make a skirt out of ties once would have been very colourful if I had finished it.
    Don't forget you can make a brilliant bag out of jeans and jazz it up with sequins etc.
    Did you ever make a wooly bumblebee at school, how much fun that would be, you could make them fashionable :)

  2. You're going to have to elaborate on the wooly bumble bee Jen - I've no idea what you're talking about but I'm in already it sounds FAB!!! And a skirt out of ties?!?! What a fabulous idea!!! I'm definitely going to try that. You're such an inspiration, Jen!!!

  3. Everybody at school had to make a wooly bumble bee.
    1. Cut out two circles of card with a 4cm ish hole in the middle.
    2. Using black then yellow wool if you are making a bee,alternately wrap the wool around both circles of card until it is too fat to go through the hole
    3.Using a wool needle thread a doubled length of wool around the inside of the two pieces of card, pull both ends together and pull tight before tying a firm knot.
    4. Cut the wool around the outer edge of the card and hey presto! you should have a totally useless almost complete wooly bumble bee.
    Improvise for the features.
    I wondered if the same technique could be used on a smaller scale with cotton thread to make earings or brooches.
    I used to churn out leather chain belts at 50p a go in the seventies they are quite easy and used to make earings.
    Weirdest thing I used to make was plaster gnomes. Mad eh!

  4. You are a veritable font of creative knowledge Jen! Stand by for the bumble bees:)