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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Crafty as ...

So I't's been decided. The long awaited "make do and mend" craft group will be up and running as of Tuesday 2nd March 2010.

09.30-12.00, every Tuesday at Swffryd Community Centre is where it's at. If you'd like to join us you'll be VERY welcome, if you have any craft supplies you'd like to donate to us, or you know someone else who does, please get in contact - I'm quite happy to collect but as yet we have no money to purchase materials. Do you know anyone who can get us in touch with factories that may donate off cuts of fabric/foam anything really? Please ask about for us.

We'll be working towards the stocking of the craft stall at the Swffryd Community Centre Fundraising Fun Day, also getting involved with the making of the costumes for the Centre Pantomime, rehearsals etc starting in March also.

We'll also be recruiting some voluntary speakers to come give us demonstrations of different things, so if you know an expert in something ...


  1. Mumatron calling!
    Could you use some coloured card for your "make do and mend" craft group?

  2. Oh yes, Mumatron, we very much could :)