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Saturday, 2 January 2010

The "to fix" pile is getting bigger already

In true beginning of a new year form, I decided to give the old wardrobe a bit of a spring clean. In fairness, it was more of an accident than a decision - I made so much of a mess in there I kind of had no choice. I didn't plan on throwing anything out but there were a few things that got put on the "charity shop" pile. Nothing exciting; I think there's more to go really.

I rediscovered my favourite leggings (haven't seen them in months) but was gutted when I discovered a hole. It's one of those thread bare ones too; it'll take a lot of fixing. Thinking about prolonging the life of said leggings, I've decided to invest a few pounds sprucing up my black items by running a black dye through them. Dylon do these great machine packs (sometimes you can pick them up on offer in Wilkinsons) and you don't need to put salt or anything with them. Just chuck them in the drum and run your usual programme, so, over the next few days I'll gather up all my black vests, cardigans, skinnys etc. so I can run it all through together. I reckon that'll be the equivalent of buying a whole new set of black essentials. I wonder what else I could rejuvenate?

"Cleaning out the closet", in the words of the great bard Marshall Mathers esq., has saved me some money on "stuff" already too. As you'll all know, the family have recently become the proud parents of a lovely caravan. Me, being the awkward type, cannot bear sleeping in "maggot" sleeping bags so I was going to have to purchase a new rectangular one. Guess what I found in the cupboard today? A little 80's style, but I'm sure I can rejuvenate it. I also found an entire set of bathroom towels I had forgotten about. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Dylon, they will shortly be in the perfect matching shade too. Who'd have thought it, eh?

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  1. I'll soon be sticking some photos on, I think!