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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Laziness and productiveness combined. Hhmmmm.

So today I have been mostly cleaning out my laptop. Those of you that know my family will know that I've not seen my laptop for six months (teenagers!) so it's not entirely coincidental that I start my blog on New Year's day seeing as the new laptop was received by the offending teenage article(love ya Meg!) courtesy of St Nick. It took me a few days to get used to having it back in all it's green sparkliness...well, it's a bit grubby now actually. Where did I put my "how to clean things" encyclopedia (again, those who know my family know I'm NOT joking about that bit!)?

I'm needing to get some stuff sorted out today, so I'll be brief. Got some meetings set up this week about my "Make Do and Mend" craft group I'm setting up and my Book Club that's in it's infancy. I haven't mentioned books yet. Books are NOT covered by the "essentials" category in my brief. I have an entire personal library of books, 1/3 of which at least are unread. These will be my entertainment for the year and then hopefully I can pass them on. I may get desperate though and let out a plea for "book parcels"!!

On removing the leggings which took up most of yesterday's blog, I discovered considerably more hole-age. Darning is going to have to take place sooner than I would have like and I'm not entirely sure if it's going to be successful. I may have to consider a patch. My mother always told me (well, she didn't actually, I probably told her, but hey, lets not split hairs) that a good contrast is better than a bad match.This philosophy has treated me well over the years, so, what do we think to a canary yellow patch on the crotch of my black leggings?


  1. I know how to darn but not sure if I could put it in to words

  2. Are you going to write here on a daily basis?? this could very quickly become my next online addiction....fbook being my first!

    I will contribute to the "book parcel" idea as and when needed....hope you like chic-lit??

  3. Yeah I'm going to post every day (ish!) unless I've done absolutely nothing! If I've run out of books I'll read anything! Ooo I feel all looked after!

    Yeah, explaining darning could be tricky...I might take some pictures :)