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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Photographs, Teenagers and Old Pants

I accidentally (?) sent a few emails out yesterday to a few places telling them about my blog. I expected them all to say a great big fat nowt, but I got a telephone call from the Western Mail last night who are apparently running a story on it tomorrow. Oh. Well, I don't suppose it'll be the first time I'll have been on page three, waahey! (Mum; just for the benefit of the tape, it actually WILL BE the first time I've been on page three!)

So I have a nice long chat with a friendly if bemused reporter who clearly thinks I'm insane, and he asks me loads of stuff which I know (thanks to my extensive media training in previous lives) that an awful lot of it is going to get taken out of context.

This morning, for example... this is what happens: Just had the Western Mail on the phone again, they asked to speak to Meg. I shouted for her and made sure I said to her "don't say ANYTHING bad!" this is how the end I heard of the conversation went:

"Yes, that's me"
"Fine thanks - how are you?"
"Well I think she's completely lost her mind and she keeps sewing sequins on old pants..."

You can see where I'm coming from! Just for the record. it may appear to the untrained eye that I am sewing sequins on to old pants, but in actual fact, as I stated on Facebook last night, I'm sewing sequins and intricate bead work on to some good (clean, hardly worn) boxer shorts so that I can wear them as pyjamas! I will be doing vest to match (no it won't be made out of my bedroom curtains or anything. (Ooo, actually...)

In anticipation of the Western Mail misrepresenting what I'm on about (I'm really REALLY sorry if I'm wrong and they do a corking job) I thought I'd write the rules of my year and my project:

1 - The aim of my year is to not purchase any "things" that I/we do not need.
2 - This is for the purposes of rejecting consumerism and getting back control of spending what little money I have.
3 - As result of this, I anticipate saving a bit of money and I don't know what we'll do with what I do save. I'd like to say we'd put it towards having a honeymoon, but in reality it'll probably pay the gas bill.
4 - When purchasing things that I have to purchase, I will seek to support small businesses, the businesses of my friends and family and local businesses before international conglomerates and, where there is a realistic option to, purchase organic/free range/fair trade/ethically sourced products.
5 - My Husband and Daughter are humouring me and my madness as usual. What they do with their money is entirely up to them but I will encourage them to follow my principles, but they won't always do it.
6 - I am not doing it to make any massive political statement, preaching or social commentary, I just want to live a less of a consumer obligated lifestyle and tread a bit more lightly on the earth, making changes where I can. I'd also like to save a few quid
7 - I intend to utilise my craft skills and abilities to give thoughtful, time served personal gifts for Christmas/birthdays wherever possible and to create home grown/crafted items to REALLY express to people that they are important in my life.
8 - I have extended my "make do and mend" ethos to ensure that I never feel I'm missing out on anything and not going without anything. I also plan to look after the lovely things I already have better so that I appreciate, use and love them more.
8 - I intend to fully utilise all the resources I already have; unread books, unworn clothes, unused make-up and toiletries before considering any other purchase as I'm pretty sure we've all got enough to last us a year stashed away.
9 - I do not have any problem whatsoever with people treating themselves, buying nice things, replacing the car etc. but I'd just like people to think about things a bit more rather than keeping up with the Joneses (Sorry Julie!). I'd like people to be happy with who they are and what they already have and not be totally at the mercy of "because we're worth it" culture.
10 - So there!

That's quite enough of my ranting, for now anyway! I'm off to do my hair for the photographer who apparently is still coming out today! We already have 12 inches of snow though so I'm not holding my breath. Back to my sequins and old pants...

Just to end on a slightly lighter note...

What do you call a Judge with no thumbs?

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