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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Justice Fingers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Given that when I spoke to the Western Mail picture desk this morning at half eleven and they had only just picked up the photos, I didn't think that we'd be in the paper today.

So it's a good job as him indoors picked up the wrong paper! Not being used to our "bloody trogg papers" he asked the (obviously brainless) shop assistant if he had the Western Mail and she said "yer, thas it!" So he brought it home. It's very nice though. Lots of nice pictures of snow.

So I was putting my face on this morning (no, sadly I don't get up in the morning looking THIS good) and was thinking about money saving.

I noticed that my mascara was going really thick and my foundation is running out. I don't really fancy a trip to the Body Shop just yet. So, thinking it would probably be a little better than the warm water championed by Jackie magazine in the '80s, I let 6 drips of liquid eye make up remover in the barrel, gave it a shake and left it in the sun to "cook". Hey presto - it's like a new mascara. That's a saving of about £7 in one go. So then, the foundation got it. It's not quite so easy to do, the foundation, but It's turned out ok. Good actually. Not many of us lucky ladies needs thick coverage (not all the time anyway) so I got a Little shallow pot with a lid, cut the end off my foundation and squeezed every last bit out. Into that I gave a squeeze of my favourite daily moisturiser and a good mix around. Alright, the coverage won't be quite so good, and it certainly won't last forever (the Mascara pretty much will) but it's increased it's life expectancy by 100%. I'm not sure about Aldi's ethical and environmental policies (must check that out) but the foundation is from there and I've been buying Aldi foundation for about 2 years nos. £2.79, I think it is, and you really can't beat it. It's got great coverage, great consistency and it's certainly as good as anything you can buy off the stands in Boots.

Aldi also sell their version of YSL Touch Eclat. It's exactly the bloomin' same as the YSL one, even looks the same but the pen is silver not gold. Again, about £3? You really can't argue.

Hair need a conditioning treatment? Slap a load of your fave conditioner on your dry bonce, comb it through and wander around the house for half an hour. Posing in the mirror pretending you're one of the girls off of the "Addicted to Love" video is an optional added extra (I personally think it makes the conditioner work better too (",) )then jump in the shower; it's not a bit less conditioning than all the expensive treatments on the shelf in Superdrug.

Lots of ladies are getting excited about the Clothes Swap Party. If anyone hasn't been invited, make sure you join my "all my lady friends" group on Facebook - the rules of the swap are on the group profile page. Ooo and before I forget, thank you very much to everyone who has messaged/text/phoned/poked me to say they're loving the blog. I really appreciate every one, THANK YOU!

Well, I think tonight I'm going to watch that "Red Dahlia" thing that finished last night. I've been on for ages to buy a Sky+ box, but I've since realised it's a lot better to use the benefit of the iplayer facilities and be a bit organised...

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