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Friday, 8 January 2010

Inspiration from York

Just got off the phone to a very good and lovely friend of ours who, believe it or not, is NOT ON FACEBOOK. I know.

I was discussing the old bloggeroonie with her, not being in the know, and I told her that my thoughts for today were about not keeping stuff for best, but using it loving it and enjoying it.

It's strange how topics can evoke anecdotes and reactions from people. Jen, my fabulous friend, was telling me of a time in the summer when she was in a department store in Stockholm with her Mum having a little browse around. They came across a sign on the wall in the store in beautifully crafted metal letters. The sign said "unless it's necessary, don't get it. If it's necessary, make it beautiful"

I like that saying. Jen was telling me also about how when the family moved from a lovely big house to a gorgeous but tiny cottage. She had no choice but to have a good old sort out. Jen was saying that ever since, she's used all her "best" stuff for everyday, transforming the experience of living in her home overnight. Her Mum was also inspired by the sign, having a similar good old sort out and keeping only the "best" stuff. She's never looked back since.

Mentioning the same thing to my Nana, she went out rummaging in the kitchen cupboards and produced 3 bottles of booze. Dubonet, Harvey's Bristol Cream and a Courvoisier. She told me that these bottles, complete with dust and peeling labels were gifts to my Grampa. My Grandpa has very sadly been dead for twenty years! She'd always kept them for best and now they're probably gone sour.

Talking of booze, we've got a lovely bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the fridge. Had it for ages. My favourite Champagne ever. We meant to open it for new year, as Steve said "good friends, good times, good Champagne", but we totally forgot. So now, I will create an event to open it for. You should never wait for an occasion to open a good bottle of wine. You should create an occasion to open it, I once heard and I think that's quite right.

We don't need to keep things for Sunday best anymore. We're not on rations, there's no war on. We should use and love and enjoy ALL our lovely things. While I'm at home, I use my suitcases to store less used items. About two years ago, maybe more, I fell in love with a white fake fur cape style jacket which has since been stored in said suitcase. Not expensive, it was from Peacocks, I think, but very nice and very luxurious. Never worn it, until now. It's actually warmer than an awful lot of my coats (coats and jackets I can't help hoarding, I'm afraid) and much more use able. I've worn it today with my jeans and wellies, and do you know what, I loved it. It made me feel fabulous and added an element of luxury to an otherwise distinctly average day. What have you got stashed away for best that could brighten your Monday morning?

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