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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I thought yesterday was cold turkey!

My Step Mother (aka mad blonde) has had a Hospital appointment today so I've been drafted in to look after her shop. I'm actually quite glad of this as the last few times she's asked me I've had other things on so I've not been able to help.

I don't really mind being surrounded by lovely things in her shop. Part of my drive to lead a more "soul-full" existence is to support small businesses, local businesses and the businesses of my friends and family, so should I NEED to purchase something (a gift or an item one really shouldn't be without, e.g. kecks or anti stink spray) I have some options.

I have the jouyous task of a mountain of ironing to look forward to this afternoon. I actually don't raelly mind this too much as it gives me an option to see where I may be lacking in the wardrobe department and where I need to focus my attention. The leggings are getting darned today too as I wanted to wear them. Wish I'd warn my wellies, actually, as the snow is coming down quite heavily in Pontypool. I also intend to get some photos on here this afternoon and start collecting up my black fabrics for dyeing. My crochet work has been a little neglected too... where on earth am I going to find the time?!?!

The Food Co-op I help run is back on this week so I'm looking forward to that and must get my order in and I can't wait to eat the rest of the yummy Syn free (I'm doing Slimming World) curry I had last night. My community groups are moving forward too so if anyone (I know you don't all live close) would like to get involved with a reading or craft/make do and mend group, send me a mail. Is there anyone out there who could make me a good poster for my reading group? I should've submitted it by now!

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