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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Every Little Helps...?


So, they've finally lost it. Tesco have today banned shoppers from wearing their pyjamas in their (24 hour) store.

Exactly where do they draw the distinction between nightwear and day wear because I frequently see people negotiating the aisles wearing considerably less than I do in bed. I know an awful lot of greengrocers who'd be more than happy for you to browse their store wearing your pyjamas, a Superted costume, or a black bin bag. Whatever takes your fancy.

So their own power has finally tipped the fine balance between capitalist greed and utter insanity.

It's perfectly acceptable for Tesco to hold deserving charities to ransom in the name of "ethical shopping", but a pair of flannelet drawstring trousers is clearly far more offensive. "Buy any of these products in store now and we'll donate 5p (Ooo) to Muscular Dystrophy"

In essence what they are saying is "That means you can feel less guilty about not doing as much as you'd like for charity, you think "Ooo Tesco; what an ethical international conglomerate I don't feel quite as bad about the decline of the small trader or loss of popularity of the high street" and the charity, (deserving, underfunded and worth it's weight in gold) who are in no position to argue about where their funding comes from, benefit from shoppers increasing Tesco profits instead of Asda."

At least Dick Turpin had the common decency to have a horse and wear a mask.

Never again will I set foot in a Tesco, they can shove their Clubcard up their @rse, and by the way, I'm sat sitting here typing this furiously in my flannelet nightie, dressing gown and slippers and if anyone has a problem with that, I suggest a call to the Tesco recruitment hotline.


  1. I'm loving your work - makes me chuckle all the time but how right you are! Where I live now most people have no choice but to shop at Tesco because we don't have a greengrocers or a haberdashery or a grocer for that matter - the only competition is Spar?! We do have a really good scheme though that acts as a 'middle man' for all the local farms etc round here. Weekly deliveries of fresh, seasonal fruit n veg so up yours Mr Tesco!!!

  2. Thank you love :) Tell every one!! I will be mostly plugging the blog on the Greg James show on Radio 1 on Monday :)

  3. This is such a funny story but also slightly scary that they are effectively trying to control what their customers they wear when they shop!

    To me it could of been worst, they could be wearing just their pants or even nothing at all (which I get the temptation to do!) :P

  4. I know!! It is a little scary. I have just been called a Terrorist for my opinion live on Facebook. Not impressed with that, I must be honest!