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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Serendipity Strikes Again!

I have a new job. I'm really looking forward to it.

I had to go down to the office to pay for my CRB check on Friday (I get it refunded but I have to pay for it initially. I don't mind that.) so I go to the cash point to withdraw the money to pay for it. It's £36. I'm aware that I'm wondering if they'll have change in the office, so I draw out £40. If only I had £1 more in my purse I could give them the right money.

What's that I see on the floor shinning in the sun? It's only a £1 coin! I've clearly taken it that this job is meant to be. I'm going to love it!

That's a pretty good start for a Friday morning. How could I possibly have guessed it could get any better? Although there really was one point where I actually thought that the day had gone completely pear shaped as a result of my serendipity.

So this is how the rest of the day panned out:

Well, what happened was ....

Megan and I were due to be going to the Kerrang! tour gig in Cardiff last Friday to see The Blackout! (my favourite) All Time Low, Young Guns and My Passion. She asked if we could take some of her friends, one of whom was coming up from Swansea for the evening and staying at ours. After a drama getting the tickets as they were sold out really quickly, we had them about 6 weeks ago.

Kane came up from Swansea on the train on Friday. Sometime after leaving the train on Friday he managed to loose his wallet which contained £50 and his ticket.

Even though I love the Blackout!, there was no way I could have him not go to the gig so I gave him my ticket. I was cooking them some tea in the kitchen listening to Greg and sulking secretly because I wasn't going to the gig. Then his show finished and he said "right I'll be taking some calls for 20 mins now" so I thought I'd phone in. All I was hoping is that he could get Sara Cox to mention about it on the air in the hope of getting the ticket back.

He put me on to the PR lady of the Blackout! and she put me on the guest list. When we got there I discovered that I had 4 VIP passes too so we got to meet everybody too! I have to talk to Greg again on Monday and talk about it - of course I'll be plugging the blog, I've also saved the two funniest stories of the night for the show on Monday!

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