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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lack of Connectivity Creates Connectedness. Fact.

Managing to save myself another £7 per month today was a great thing. Managing to do it without changing from my existing ISP is even better, but it does make you think. If you have to threaten to leave their services in order to get the best deal, why can't they give you that deal in the first place. Crap. Now I sound like that old Alliance and Leicester advert. It is annoying though.

So the existing ISP is taking over the role of the current TSP (if it's ever called that) and sending me a free wireless modem for my troubles. Fabulous, as a new one to buy was £50. They promised that it would be posted out to me today. But I must be honest, I can't help but feel a little sad about it

The thing is, since we've had limited Internet capabilities, I seem to have a lot less to do on a daily basis. To add to that, the Teenager is hanging around us more, instead of engrossed in Facebook/Myspace/Bebo/MSN which is really kinda nice. Every time I want to speak to her, I just ask her, instead of texting her (she's also been sans mobile credit at the same time. I know. EVIL MUM!) or hollering up the stairs to her.

I know it comes as no surprise to realise how much connection is lost when you introduce a TV to the living room, but I must admit the amount of Teenager contact improvement without the Internet was unprecedented.

I've topped up her phone a bit now, which means she has contact with her friends now through text and Facebook. Haven't seen her since.

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