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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday Night Slap

I'll tell anyone that will listen that the thing I find most difficult about make up artistry is the constant references to the faces of women from the world of celebrity and popular culture.

I can't stand it. I despise  the X Factor, the Voice, Big Brother, all such nonsense, and I find it galling to have to know what particular celebrities have been wearing on their faces when they mime to their songs written by someone else on prime time T.V.

One of my least favorite celebrities is Kim Kardashian. Having never watched their T.V. show I have no idea what they are all about, I'm sure they're all perfectly nice people, but I can't stand the furore that surrounds them/her.

Unfortunately, her make up stylist is really very good and uses unusual techniques to create her bespoke look that has now become her trademark.

I watched a brilliant tutorial (about 6 times as it's brilliant, quite complicated and reallyclever) and really wanted to practice the technique, so I bribed Meg with the gorgeous curry the boyfriend made us all for our tea.

Apparently I still owe her custard though. She's got a heavy cold so did NOT feel like it at all.

SO here's the before shot:

Freshly cleansed toned and moisturised, primed using M.U.A. face primer and M.U.A perfect eyes primer.

Mid way scary shot:

Several layers of 2 shades of foundation, high use of extreme highlighting/concealing and extreme contouring. It's quite liberating applying make up in this way but really quite scary. You can easily see the way it's going to work though.

Finished product:

 Normal flash

Lovely vintage Instagram filter. Want to follow me on Instagram? Betty Red17 is my username.

I really like this look and technique and while Meg looks nothing like Kim, it's very flattering and I'll use it in the future. Could use a bit more practice on it though. Volunteers always welcomed!


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