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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


It's feeling quite festive here today.

I replaced my slow cooker yesterday so the smell of a peppery pot roast chicken in wafting through the house as I put the finishing touches to the Christmas cake I'm doing in Blue Peter "here's one I made earlier" stylee for the radio show tomorrow.

Lady J's Yummy Honey Christmas Cake is a hit with everyone. It contains little flour, no eggs and some fun chemistry and makes the most moist, beautiful gooey, yummy cake in the world - I think it's all the honey.

The decoration is also Lady J's idea - she's good at those and favours a no nonsense approach. I like that.

The baby sock advent calendar is a little late going up but today I think it might have to. We're still settling in here you see and there's decorating to be done so I'm reluctant to put up the decs yet as I'm hoping to bash out a bit of painting in the Cwtch ready for Christmas.

But it smells Christmassy, it feels Christmassy - we're spending the day with my Brother and Sister in Law, their 3 boys, my Mam, Stepdad and Grandmother - a real family Christmas. We ordered the turkey crown yesterday - and I'm going to make a Christmas pud. Another first!

I still don't have a tree though. Fancied making one out of wire. Do you dare me?!?

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