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Monday, 14 May 2012

If You Want To Get Ahead - Wear A HAT

...or a bonnet.

I love Regency. When my mate and guest blogger Terry invited me to a fancy dress party I decided it just needed to be done. I enjoyed making the gown so much though that I have another one on the go already. I'm going to be doing some photos Regency style which I'm really excited about. I'll be able to share some more great photos instead of the shite ones I usually knock out; I'm rubbish at it these days.

My Mother in law collected me up a load of fabric remnants about 2 years ago and given that it was supposed to be a one off garment, I used 2 fabrics I already had, the pearls were also given to me as a broken necklace (plastic obviously), buttons came form my Grandmother. The only thing I bought for the whole outfit was the straw hat to make the bonnet. I've got the washing machine on currently dying another of the remnants to make another different one. The fabric started out as a horrible "hospital bed sheet" mint green, it's now "burlesque red". Photographers charged with the period photos please ignore the silly posing, the dress really is dead lovely - if about to be dyed also; I dropped McDonalds burger on it on the way home and I can't get the salsa stain out :( It's about to be dyed navy.

Speaking of great photographers; I met LOADS of new friends on Saturday at said fancy dress party and one of them is a FAB photographer - Denise pulled some blinders of the evening.

Much silliness ensued, Regency dancing to banging (incorrect adjective) funk and soul at Gŵdihw, Cardiff. A brilliant venue I've been to a couple of times and need to spend more time in. It really is a fabulous venue. Believe it or not, that was my first ever adult fancy dress party. I know. Not one to not do things by halves, I had to use the cash point AND put petrol in the car in my get up. I did enjoy both of those events (juvenile!). I always love meeting new people, it's for me the most important bit about going out, and this lot were particularly enjoyable. Next fancy dress party is hotting up already as the people who bailed on this one have realised how much they missed out on. It's my pet hate that. People moan they're bored, nothing to do, yadda yadda yadda, then when someone (usually me) tries to do anything, arrange something, put an event on, people don't get involved. We've all got busy lives, I actually have the very best excuse ever for not going anywhere or doing anything, but I don't like to let people down - and I know how devastating it is when the support dwindles. 

 We all need to party more. Fact.

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  1. Twas much fun. I dunno about fancy dress, but I'm up for another shindig, definitely!