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Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Bean Bags and the Glad Rags

Ages ago a made a couple of gorgeous 25p vintage tea towels into a "weekend bag". I got a bit carried away with it and, lovely as it is, it was actually big enough to contain an adult. As a result it was quite ungainly and either mostly empty or simply too big to move!

I ordered some bean bag beans, I had this idea for a "secret thing" that I would make some bean bags, and I had an epiphany. I decided to make my "weekend bag" into a bean bag - much more suitable as that; and really kinda cool...

This week was the annual Save the Children Women in Wales lunch at City Hall, Cardiff. I was lucky enough to snaffle a place from Jess and as a result was needing a new frock. 

I have an abundance of fabric at the moment as I have lots of dresses to make. I have a job to do today but I really do need to get a wriggle on with them. I snaffled an remnant (from a dress I've not yet made - bit of a gamble!) and a free pattern, added in a few extra Betty Red touches and robert's your mother's brother. A  FREE dress. I had loads of comments about it I could hear and loads of comments I couldn't quite hear that were either good comments about my frock or bad ones about my ink - either way I'm happy!

I got to "meet" Bill Turnbull - brilliant speaker and gent, I bet he's a right laugh down the pub, and Jayne James off of the BBC Wales news and I had a lovely chat - very nice lady and I was a bit star struck by Jenny Ogwen being there - she was on the Wales news as I was growing up. I was lucky enough to win the flowers off the table and a distinct high point was the fashion show of Alison Tod Millinery - I would give my right arm for one of those.

I'm hoping to put a bit of a table together for next year - fancy it? 

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