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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Diamonds in the Park - and That's Just Us

Her Majesty was in attendance at the Diamond Jubilee Celebration "Diamonds in the Park" that we had been invited to attend on Friday.

Not one to pass up the opportunity to do some catering, eating, celebrating and generally making a fuss, my BFF (I don't actually know what that stands for if I'm honest, but you get the idea) Jess and I engaged "Project Picinc". As usual, we pulled a blinder.

I managed to see Prince Phillip, and H.M.'s hat, but not a lot else from our "grassy knoll" but that's closer than I've been before, and we opened a bottle of decent bubbly to celebrate, so all was good.

We made a new friend, and were repeatedly congratulated on our picnic quality and rain-based Dunkirk Spirit by passers by, who didn't even know that nearly everything was hand made - down to the bread, pizza base and chutney, the picnic hamper was a vintage heirloom (I still have custody of it and quite honestly I'm really not keen on giving it back!).

I've not been that muddy for AGES, Steve was exhausted, the drive home was erm, interesting and I pulled my back trying not to get even muddier putting the wheelchair in the car - and I loved every minute of it.

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