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Friday, 14 October 2011

Love Thy Neighbour. I do.

I've got a new best friend. Actually I've got two. What a show off.

One of them is a circular saw - who I have called George. I used to be really scared of him, but now I love him, and I use him every day.

The other best friend is my neighbour. Until we moved here I'd never set eyes on them before but my goodness what a lovely couple and my goodness how grateful to them am I? Very is the answer to that.

A conversation over the fence yesterday with me looking longingly at their beautifully kept garden while I wrestled with something or other in mine, resulted in the lovely gent offering to help me concrete my line post back in. The council ripped it up when doing renovations and I'm fed up of waiting for them to come and put it back. I'm quite brave, I'll attempt and pull off anything DIY wise (that doesn't involve wires - except a plug of course), but I've never touched concreting before, and I didn't really have the tools to even dig the whole.

I also mentioned that I had had a quote for cutting my front shrubs back from their bedraggled and unkempt state. I came home today and found the shrubs beautifully pruned, off cuts gone. I nearly cried. It's so lovely to have another big job to tick off my extensive list.

Then, while thanking lady neighbour for the pruning, she spots my half dug hole for line post. I wanted to at least do the hard work bit so that I didn't have to ask "getting on a bit" gent neighbour to do it. Within five mins, he was around, pick axe, sledge hammer and crow bar later, a suitable site was located, between all the buried rubble, and another ten minutes later, the post is supporting itself! I'm so grateful - and isn't that lovely? In truth I had no idea how I was going to pull it off.

Then, as I was doing further drilling (shelves, wall mounting wicker baskets, tie back, fixing my shed door) and my other neighbour on the other side knocked the door with two lovely fresh trifles for us! I love it here, I must be honest.

I've been so lucky. I've got awesome friends, and awesome neighbours and for all of the things they've done for me I am incredibly grateful. Let's face it, we're all busy, but some people make the time to help a family struggling with massive life changes and illness. I'm so grateful.

So with my help received today, I managed to do the last bit of fencing today too, and I'm also really pleased with it. I'm going to use some of my skip-rescued timber to reduce the amount that can be seen through it. I reckon I'll finish it tomorrow, photos will follow.

And I FINALLY fixed my shed door! What a relief!

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