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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just Five Minutes, Then I'm Going to Bed for A Very Long Time.....

I just wanted to share a couple of things I've made recently and tell you about what's going on!

Said leopard print fabric, generously donated by "Cass the Collie's Mum" made itself into three bags - I originally made one, for Meg, rather liked it, made one for me. As you can see the leopard print fabric is on the outside, the bottoms (and sides on the little square one) are made from the cut off bottoms of some of Meg's old red jeans. Denim is marvelous. I then lined them with red shiny lining to give them a gorgeous luxurious feel, a genuine vintage gold nautical button, and I've got commissions to make two more for other people. I'm feeling a zebra print one for us next. Maybe with purple.

I thought it would be rude of me to not make one for "Cass's Mum! to keep her lead in - or beer money, fags, phone, whatever she chooses to do with it ha ha ha!

When making the prom dress, I faced the old "matching bag quandary. Given the style of the dress colour etc it would have been impossible to match a bought one and I didn't want to make a pouch style bag, it needed to be a clutch. So I covered the black one you see in the pictures. I must take a better photo of it, I thought I had, but you can see Meg holding it in the picture of her with the umbrella. I was really rather pleased with that.

I made the leopard skin dress for her too long, so I shortened it, made the classic mistake of making it too short, so now I have a little work to do. I have also cut out my favorite dress pattern for my teacup print frock, which I hope to wear out on Friday.

In amongst all this, half the house is packed to move (except sewing machine - can't live without that!) Husband's back in hospital, and I'm trying even harder than usual to do things for myself and keep my independence and sense of self. I don't think I'd have such a great perspective on things without many of my friends but in this particular instance Jenny has been the most insightful, sadly able to draw on personal experience. I am even more grateful than usual for you kind and sensible words Jen.

Oh, and I went on BBC Radio Wales again this morning. What was that...? You want a link? Oh, go on then :) I must be honest I LOVED the idea of being one of the "Seven Deadly Sins"! How glamorous!


  1. You are such a talented lady and I just love your bags they are so YOU....
    Have a lovely evening
    Take care, keep safe, be happy and hubby too.
    Beverley xx

  2. Just popped back to let you know I went to listen to you on the radio and I think you have a new 'career' as a presenter. You were great and got your point across in a wonderful funny but serious way. Congrats....

  3. Beverley you are too kind :) :) :)

  4. Oh, the dress!! It's beautiful :). Did you find a use for the green beetle in resin?

  5. Thanks :) I did find a use but not for the prom - I wear it on a ribbon as a necklace. And I'm considering having him tattooed on me I love him so much :)

  6. I know I sent you a text about the bag, but I want to thank you publicly too. It is amazing, I will never use another bag again (unless doing something which would endanger such a beautiful creation). It does indeed have beer money, fags and a phone in it - and my leopard print make-up bag! xx

  7. That makes I a very happy lady :) :) :)