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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Skip Diving

It's been a couple of weeks of sorting the house out hopefully before packing up to move. And I have a new obsession. My skip.

Him indoors wants me to get shot of it sooner rather than later as I'm so obsessed with it I keep waking him up looking out of the window in the middle of the night just in case someone tries to put stuff in it!

It's not without good reason, I caught a local pikey trying to deposit a fridge in it, I caught next door's landlady putting stuff in it and the new tenant this morning putting stuff in it. I'm not paying for other people's junk to be disposed of.

Last time we had a skip it was a big badger. A builder's skip. Cost about £75, two years ish ago. This time I have the smaller variety and it's cost me £120. £120!?!?!?!

So I've been dealing with the fall out from the consumerism free year, I think. Because of the extraordinary generosity of lots of my friends and family I was given a tremendous amount of "useful stuff" and I mean that seriously - It generally was all useful (excepting my Grandmother, of course, she is a bonkers, tat obsessed magpie with a penchant for picking junk up off roads), but the reality of it is that as a single individual determined to "reduce, reuse and recycle" I simply could not plough through the amount of useful stuff I was given, no matter how useful. But through sheer terror of needing something I couldn't purchase, I kept it all.

In days past, we did make full use of every single little bit of everything useful, but we also HAD an awful lot less. In actual fact each and every one of us could probably survive most of the rest of our lives with the belongings and possessions we already have as they are so well made and plentiful that we'd had enough. The fact that we don't do that means that all of us have generated a massive amount of surplus belongings, and it's just impossible to get the full amount of use out of them that they're capable of.

So, I've had a lovely bonfire, thanks to the gorgeous Rawcliffe boys, filled a skip, took 9 bags of clothes/shoes/soft furnishings to charity in Africa (I sadly did not get to take it to Africa, just Swfrydd Primary School - bit of a let down, if I'm honest), gave 4 boxes to Lou for "Glamping" (I know - I thought that was called Premier Inn too), have another 3 boxes in my car, a living room full of stuff on Ebay (gwynsmummygwynsmummy1 if you fancy a punt) and I haven't even got to the attic yet.

Seriously. Ridiculous. That is all.

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