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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Quiet Night In?!

Funny isn't it? The night you decide to have a quiet night in ends up being the most productive for some time.

I was due to go out last night to watch some friend's bands - you should check them out, they're called Whiskey and Lace , but due to transport problems, they could not make it. So I settled myself down in front of Comic Relief to have a nice quiet night in.

So I made a pair of earrings, two brooches, a crochet cake slice, cleaned the house and contributed to saving the lives of children. Not a bad night's work.

Earrings before ...

I had decided I was going to make some brooches out of the tiny scraps of remnants left from making Rebecc's tea dress last week, the earrings were inspired genius, if I do say so myself. Very shortly, they'll be winging themselves up to Sunderland to live with it's donor dress. I hope they'll be very happy together.

Earrings after ...

And making the earrings made me think about prom earrings to match the green dress...

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