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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

There's A Goat in my Kitchen, What Am I Gonna Do

So much has been done, I'mm in a creative frenzy at the moment! Hence the lack of blogging - not enough hours in the day!

So last week, Monday I think, I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for my Meg. I spent the week trying to organise everyone and everything so that we could keep it as much a surprise as possible. It was a bit hairy with the weather being so bad, and I had everything crossed that the weather wouldn't stop anyone from making it. It didn't, and it was fantastic, if exhausting. 3am I finished icing the cake, 8am i was up making further fairy cakes and the only time I sat down until 1.30am Sunday was when I was in the car! We somehow managed to keep the secret going, and it was all a total surprise to her, and we had a lovely time.

And I finished the marmalade. It took three days off and on, one full day of cooking. It actually is the very loveliest thing I've ever tasted, and was a thoroughly organic and holistic process making it. I don't mean "organic" as in the Soil Association, but organic as in complimentary, feel good and respectful. I thoroughly enjoyed it,but would recommend it's made in the summer when you can have the back door wide open as I have condensation marks all down my kitchen walls! Oh well, never mind - battle scars! That's what they are! It was a bit of a battle making it, but a good and positive one.

And I finished Josie's blanket, thank the lord. It was a massive project, I think the biggest I've done so far. I'm ever so pleased with it and I can't wait for her to have it. Of course, when a project is finally finished, that's when I go into creative overdrive trying to decide what to do next! The trouble at the moment is that I'm battling what I SHOULD be doing with what I WANT to be doing ... for the next fortnight I guess I'm going to have to give in to the SHOULD by promising myself that after the festive season is gone, I can spend some time on the WANTs.

Oh and Goaty - he was freezing. It was -8 out there, so we brought him in for a warm while we waited for his heat lamp to turn up. He quite likes being in the kitchen. Steve often brings him in for a cup of tea and a biscuit (him, not the goat! Well, Goaty does get a biscuit!). He didn't come for the party!


  1. That chocolate cake looks amazing! I don't suppose you've got a recipe to share...? :-)

  2. I can just imagine a goat sitting at the table with a cuppa and a biscuit. Next time, we need photos! haha.

    The food looks lovely :)

  3. ah! That photo of goaty hadn't loaded when I posted my last comment. What a star! :)

  4. Ha ha ha ha I will post more Goaty-photies for the sake of balance I should post the photos of mu bruises the little get has given me too :)

    Yes, I'll be posting some recipes, don't you worry :)