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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Awards, Wreaths, and Tins

Well, I must say, Christmas without shopping is so definitely the way forward. I feel nothing but smug when I think of all those people going through retail hell to satisfy their junk buying cravings.

I popped down to our local villagey-town thing on Saturday before I went to work. I needed some supplies from the general store there. It's marvellous. Not a very big shop but it sells everything you could possibly need. It's owned and run by some local people, they aren't part of a chain or any of that nonsense, and everything in there is very cheap. One of the things I went in to get was some more cup hooks for my cup shelf in the kitchen where I'm building up my collection of mostly bonkers and second hand cups and mugs. In Focus, our closest DIY shop, a pack of 6 mug hooks is £2.69 there or there abouts, in my local hardware/houseware/general stuff shop - 10p each.

How can that be?

I don't think I announced properly that my fruit and veg co-op won first prize in the award we were nominated for. It is a GAVO (Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations) award for the category of "Practical Service Volunteers". As I was at a wedding instead of the award ceremony, this was the first time I got to see the award, now proudly displayed in the trophy cabinet at the community centre. Quite nice, isn't it?!

And just a few other things I've made recently.

I just LOVE the timeless beauty of tins, particularly golden syrup ones. I have loads, thanks to the toffee apples, so I drilled some holes and turned it into a hanging lantern. Doesn't give off much light but when it's twinned with one of the Mitcheldean Soap Co.'s www.morethanbubbles.co.uk gorgeous festive candles, the sniff is to actually die for.

And my Christmas wreath. Soon to be featured in the South Wales Argus (or the Brunell Times as my friends call it!). I bought 2 rattan wreaths after Christmas last year in B&Q for about 50p. One, I wrapped a set of spare Christmas tree lights around and I've hung it in my front window, the other one, I've covered with bits and bobs of gorgeousness, as you can see. String, ribbon, pipe cleaners,anything I had hanging about. Isn't it pretty?


  1. Hi - just catching up on blogs and thought I would tell you I love the tin and those syrup tins remind me of bonfire night as a child.... don't ask why they just do.
    Keep up the good work I love to see others who like me 'don't live to spend...'
    Beverley x

  2. Hello Beverley! Thanks very much, you're right, it's nice to chat to the like minded! And I just can't get enough treacle tins! I'm going to make some treacle puddings just to use more of them :) :) :) :)