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Sunday, 15 August 2010

UTTER Resourcefulness :)

Well as usual I've forgotten to do a before and after shot, but this is the after! Said chocolate faux suede style former curtains are now a fully fitted and upholstered removable, washable, perfectly fitting sofa bed cover and i'm REALLY pleased with his one as I wasn't absolutely sure I was going to pull it off. But it's actually turned out really good. If I saw this sofa bed in a shop now, I would really want it, so that can't be a bad thing. I even made two little matching cushions, and I still have one curtain left! So the good quality but unused, incredibly cheap curtains have now become a fabulous cover AND a set of window dressings. Now THAT's resourcefulness!

So today, now that I've got all of my big jobs done for the secret event, I can spend today putting my house back together. I've not paid it any attention for days so it needs some tlc. I need to pick up a small tin of creamy/magnolia paint to undo a little painting mishap of Meg's, clean some glass (my favourite bit) and does anyone know where I can get a sort of three foot square piece of clear perspex?

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