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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

No Autographs, thank you!!! Oh, alright then!

Just had a mini photo shoot - for the Argus this time!

I sent a press release out this morning about the WI, and had a telephone interview withing about half an hour. I was stood in my concrete filled kitchen, in my dressing gown, hair chip-pan greasy, and was told the photographer would come around later today. Then I got a phone call to say that they had cancelled some jobs to come and "do" us ... so he'd be there in half an hour.

Did you know it's possible to clean a house in twenty minutes? Well it is!

18 August 2010
Not JUST Jam and Jerusalem

Crumlin’s Women’s Institute members are welcoming their new President, and she’s just 34 years old.

“The Women’s Institute is just as relevant now as it ever was, for women of all ages” says Bethan Brunell who has been in post since May 2010. “The organisation is one of the most powerful non-political organisations in the UK and our collective voices shout loudly.”

Climate change, social issues, leadership and learning are just some of the focuses of this organisation that is now enjoying the success of W.I.’s being set up in pubs, universities and work places, as the next generation find the organisation rationally linked with blue rinses and home made preserves.

Mrs Brunell, 34, a Carer, is encouraging ladies of all ages to come join her in Crumlin.

“We engage in a variety of activities, causes and courses and everyone would enjoy the social aspect. Ladies looking to make new friends and find new interests - look no further!” says Bethan, eager to shake off the old fashioned image.

Should be in the South Wales Argus tonight... I shall be buying ALL the copies :)

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