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Friday, 13 August 2010

Feels VERY Weird Making Christmas Stuff in August

These 'ere are my newest creation. I was making them last night while waiting for the meteors to start. What a display they put on for us! Fabulous! So I had some lovely sort of tweedy fabric given to me, really rustic looking and I was determined to make something out of it but was at a loss as to what. Christmas tree decorations for all. Aren't they pretty? I'm going through my buttons at a rate of knots so I've just had to ebay some more but I'm really pleased with them.

And this below, is the first Christmas present sack. The photo does NOT do it justice at all. It's a beautiful rich pinky red velvet with gold netting on the inside of the opening to add a magical twist. The gold stars were rescued from a skip by the Mumatron - any more hanging about there?!

So, my free window dressings as promised. I NEVER waste a good piece of fabric as you know so I was rather befuddled about what to do with the lining from the curtains I took down from the living room. They're a nice chocolate faux suede and I paid £5 per massive curtain in Shaws years ago. So I took them down and then had the brainwave to use them to make a cover for my sofa bed which we keep in the living room for extra seating and extra sleeping capacity. But I needed to pull the linings out to make the covers (which I haven't done yet) leaving me with yards and yards of lovely pale cream cotton. What to do with it. And I needed something to break up the clean lines of the windows, but without a different curtain because we never use them. So I split each curtain into three, hemmed the edges with my machine and sewed three together, end to end. I then spent AGES draping the lengths right around the existing curtain poles. They actually look rather pleasing.


  1. Hiya Bethan

    try the freecycle network, it's great, you just need to log in (fro free) and people give and take stuff for free ... I've donated stuff and have received quite a bit in return, a dryer for Lewis and Jordan, 2 chairs (nice ones too!) and other bits ... stuff varies from frdige freezers to bookshelves to wood .. anything goes really ...

    See you very soon!

    Muriel x

  2. You will indeed! Yeah, freecycle is awesome, my mate is an area administrator and another mate used it to kit out her new business premises! I do love it, although I've not got any stuff yet :)