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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Feel like I've forgotten something ...

I had to go to Asda last night. Traumatic.

I decided that I was fed up of not having much comfort when out working, I often have long breaks where I stay in the car and read, so I popped into Adsa and bought myself a little 350ml stainless steel flask. I shan't let it out of my sight as I can't stand the smell that gets left in them when you put stuff in them. Only hot water will be in mine, I took a china mug a couple of tea bags and a little tin of coffee with me. And a spoon. Quite enjoyed myself actually. Sat in my little orange shoe, with my Penguin Classics Pride and Prejudice mug in one hand, Pride and Prejudice in the other. Ok, so it wasn't Pride and Prejudice - Julian Clary's novel is actually un-put-downable, but it I will pick P&P back up once I'm done.

So, I was wandering around Asda and I needed some Milk (organic, obviously), some bread (forgot to pick it up), and ham, so I went to the "Cooked Meats" isle. As you do. I selected the suitable "2 for £3" offer or whatever it was, and remarked upon how expensive ham can be. On my trek through the store to the milk, I wandered past the deli fridge. How the hell is pre- packed deli ham significantly cheaper than pre-packed non-deli ham? It just doesn't make sense. And the deli stuff is also SO much better quality and cut. Bloody supermarkets.

Still, I picked up my two new cake tins as I'm just not going to get time to get to my shop of choice. I got two pyrex tins which are metal, not glass, and they're really sturdy, good quality tins. I look forward to having them for the rest of my life.

So I had an unexpected early night in from work tonight. I've had double the hours this week than last week, so, as usual, I'm shattered. I thought I had my favorite lady to call on last thing, but, luckily I checked my rota in time and I didn't have her. I was disappointed on one hand, but kinda relieved on the other. Tomorrow I MAY get time to bake the birthday cake for my Step-Mum that I should've baked last week, and I MAY get time to make the other secret present for her. Then again, I might not - it may have to wait until Thursday afternoon or Friday. Ho hum. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

And I've spent NO time with Madame since Friday. Poor girl, bet she's missing her Mum. I know I'm missing her.

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