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Saturday, 20 March 2010

We Have a Man Down ...

The busy-ness is exhausting!

I spent a few hours out on the land yesterday and, just from my veg patch area I cleared a whole box of glass shards. That's the white box you can see here.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of utter rubbish in the purest sense of the word, our English Springer was down there with us and did himself a REAL mischief. He's gashed his paw from one end to the other. And it's wide. A real nasty one. Having dressed it twice before we set off for the gig last night (which was amazing, by the way!), I was alarmed to see the amount of blood through the second bandage overnight so we did a joint investigation which was when we realised that it was so bad. I knew it was clean as he'd been in the shower with me after coming in, and to see just how bad it was was a bit of a shock.

£55, two metal staples, a huge amount of dressing and an empty saline drip bag later and we're all back from the vets. A bit brutal, certainly wouldn't fancy it myself, but much better for them than having to have an anaesthetic. Re-dressing on Tuesday. So when I came back I set about acquiring myself some protective footwear for woofers.

As usual, you really can spend as much as you want on them, but I managed to pick up a set of 4 boots for about £15, and some lightweight disposable ones for all of them to use. They're multi use ones but they're just a thin coat of durable rubber. I wish I'd had those for the Cocker in the snow as he'd get toe burn from clogged ice all the time. As you can see from the photos, the Springer is clearly bothered by the dressing on him - NOT!

So I'm ready not to order the topsoil for the planting area. Once I dig in some manure to the existing soil, it'll be ready to go. Planting is looming!

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