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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mumatron's Day!

I had to nip out for a hair cut on Friday. I was very pleased indeed when the very experienced stylist asked me about my hair colour, she said it was fantastic. And my hair in such good condition, despite damage inflicted last year. I told her about my "sick" hair mask and she was VERY impressed. She told me about a client who swears by some king of garlic conditioning cream thing for her hair. Apparently it stimulates follicular growth too. Might have to Google that.

Well, just about to throw a full on strop for not getting a card or owt for Mother's day when Meg managed to pull something marvelous out of the bag, literally!

I got some lovely skincare cream but, in complete conjunction with my consumerism liberation, it was the card that I was bowled over by. A simple note card (she'd forgotten to buy one!) but it was what was written in it that mattered to me.

Thanks Meg, the feeling's mutual. I adore you for that card. I adore you anyway, not just for that card. Even if you did call me a "ho"!

I cooked a batch of coconut slices last night to give to my Nana as a Mother's Day present. Unfortunately, (for everyone except my Husband) because I didn't have the correct tin for it and I had to improvise, they were too gooey to slice up, so him indoors has got a rather tasty pudding. Instead, I got up early-ish this morning and made some digestive biscuits which I cooled then half coated in Dairy Milk. They went down a storm.

The apple tree seedlings looked lovely and were very well received, as were the covered note books. The Mother in law received hers up North yesterday and was thrilled by it! Sometimes, having principles doesn't mix with time efficiency or even financial efficiency. In this case, two clashed resulting in the third. What am I on about? I'll explain ...

Making the Mum in law's embroidered note book took time. A good lot of hours. Because it took so long, it didn't get done as quickly as I'd like it to. Because it didn't get made so quickly, I couldn't post it through regular mail to get there in time (regular first class mail would've cost 90p, by the way) so I had to send it special delivery. Disregarding the hours of fabrication time and materials already available, the present cost me 45p to make and £7.85 to post! Note to self - get EVEN MORE ORGANISED!

I'd just like to tip my hat, if you don't mind to someone very important that sadly passed away last night. John Sicolo, legendary owner of TJ's, Newport. A very sad and untimely loss.


  1. love the apple tree seedlings and cakie stuff! you cant go wrong! and who needs a huge fancy card from clintons............just a heartfelt note means more. happy mummatron day!

  2. And to you my Mumatron friend :) x