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Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Peacock Suit

As one life ends, another begins.

I have a gorgeous favourite mug. It's a beautiful fine bone china nearly-a-pint pot, beautifully decorated with pink Peonies...kind of ironic, really. Sadly, after the days adventures, I poured myself a lovely coffee and most of it poured out of the crack in the bottom. Gutted. So, a life ends. Well, not ends actually as I have a million uses for it now I can't use it for the purpose for which it was intended.

And another life begins, say hello to my new friend, the Peacock. Three hours of love and attention has been poured in today by the master craftswoman Liz, and that's just the outline. I can't wait to get him finished.

I got some questions about how I could possibly consider this creation with my ongoing year-long adventure but I very much can tie in with my consumerism-busting year. Apart from the fact that once it's done I'll never have to buy clothes again because I won't be wearing them, AND the fact that I've saved a few pounds in the process so far, but, my artwork is symbolic of the personal journey I'm on. It's nothing to do with fashion, nothing to do with anyone at all actually, but simply a carefully considered (17 years, I've been waiting for this) decision to delete something dreadful (my old tattoo) and replace it with something deliberate and mindfully decided on. No big international corporation has had any influence on my decision (I'm not a watcher of Miami Ink or anything, although I have seen it) and I'm thoroughly pleased with my decision.

I'd like to say that the pink Peonies that are being put on last are nothing to do with a lasting memory of my old favourite cup, but it's sooooo pretty!

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