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Friday, 19 February 2010

Cleaner Close

I did my good deed for the day this morning. I needed to go to the Post Office today and I'm ashamed to say that I would normally drive.

As I could really do with a bit of "Body Magic" and as part of my promise to try to drive 5 miles less a week, I decided to walk up there, choosing to flatly ignore the inch or so of snow that would normally put me off.

As I walked up the little slope to the local shops I saw that some little..."young person" had smashed up a video cassette and strewn the tape everywhere. As I passed by I noticed just how much one little thing can contribute to the look of the area and the overall impression. As I walked into the Post Office, I was thinking to myself "someone should do something about that".

So on the way back, I stopped and picked up the tape. I unravelled it from the trees, wound up the metres of it that was strewn around the place and picked up the big pieces of plastic, and as I was bending down to pick them up a lady stopped to help. I've seen her and talked to her once or twice, but I don't KNOW her. We exchanged pleasantries over the litter and she told me about how she goes around picking up the litter in her street. She asked if I would like her to put the tape in the bin for me as she was going that way, and she actually THANKED ME for picking up the litter! She thanked me! What a world it would be if we could all stop and do something that isn't our responsibility for the greater good.

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