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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Well, I finished the art folder bag for Meg, she's even quite pleased with it. Managed to squeeze a few sequins on it too! The old bed sheet was one that Husband used to have for his single military bed he'd have to take if he was on a course. It had barely been used, so now, it has a purpose in life. There's loads of fabric left too for other things so I might knock up a little tote bag to match it and she can put some of her other art stuff in.

My "to fix" pile is huge, so I've made a start on getting it down. I reckon there's 10 items of clothes that are currently un-wearable but with a little time and effort will be more than useful. I did a little research a while ago about how to rectify a brassiere with the wire poking out. Since then, I've saved myself a fortune by investing a little bit of time and effort and sewn some elastic of the correct color over the seam hole. If you stitch it, it just comes through again, but if you double some elastic and stitch it all the way around, it'll hold for ever.

I've found my most favourite book in the world, ever. It's an old book, not sure exactly how old exactly but I'm going to do a couple of posts about it in the next few days. It's called "Every Woman's Enquire Within". Basically a textbook for Ladies to offer advice and guidance on how to get through life. I've never really paid it the attention it deserves and there's never been a better time than right now. I'll be talking a lot about that book over the coming months, and I have a few ideas for something similar myself.

Tomorrow is all about tips. Money saving, house keeping, time saving, any tips really. We all love them, don't we?

I'm a big fan of Radio broadcasting, not just when I'm on it, believe it or not, and I was stitching the offending brassiere and catching up on a few podcasts I subscribe to. Radio 4's "Thought for the Day" is one of them. The Minister (I think the Podcast is a few days old now) was talking about Christianity being misrepresented when people say that "money is the root off all evil". The actual correct biblical quotation is that "the love of money is the root of all evil". Very few people would come out and say that they believe that money will buy them true happiness but so many people act as if that is the case. I think we're all guilty of that a little bit, aren't we?


  1. Hi Bethan - you've inspired me! This year I will not buy any new 'products', ladies you know what I mean, until it actually runs out and there isnt a similar item already on the shelf!

  2. Hiya! Ooo I am glad! That's what we like to hear!. You're quite right, I do know exactly what you mean. I have to force myself to use the end of one bottle before opening another. There's something really indulgent about opening a bottle the first few times. After that it would have to be a bottle of Chanel No 5 bubble bath to feel like an indulgence EVERY time! Why is that? (And by the way, as much as I'd like to I don't have a bottle of Chanel No 5 bubble bath because a) I can't afford the £75 and b) I don't have a bath!)There has to be some reason that opening a new bottle of something is so satisfying.

    Make up I've been particularly bad with. I've got "some make up" which is ok, then someone buys me a really nice compact travel set comprising of everything you could need. I think "ooo that'll be handy for when I go away" and then I forget all about it and take my daily stuff with me when I go away! Then someone else buys me a travel set ... you see where I'm going with that? I reckon, I have enough eye shadows and blusher and lipstick to last me 5 years at least. What a waste! And they do go off eventually.