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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Serendipity Rules O.K.

I'm going to have to retract some of yesterday's rant.

It's been weeks now I've been needing to buy a new data cable for my phone but for some reason I just didn't get around to it. Always thinking "I'll just give the old one a few days to turn back up" which, of course it never did.

So I'm very glad something made me do it yesterday. I don't know what though. Usually my tightwaddness would override my need for it and my complete abhorrence of the amount of money I'd already spent would have stopped me. But it didn't.

If I hadn't bought that data cable yesterday I would not be talking to you now. My modem has died. Well and truly, so I'll now be relying on the good old fashioned mobile phone to keep me blogging for a couple of days.

A good result too today. Just had a gorgeous meal with one half of my family and was talking about my new mini-greenhouse (kitchen windowsill). My Stepmother offered me the use of half of her greenhouse. Now that's an offer I cannot refuse. I'm going to need to do some research now to decide what to plant in it. I reckon a combination of half a greenhouse and a load of raised tubs in my yard will do us just about fine.

I'm thinking peppers, corn on the cob, chillies ...

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