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Friday, 22 January 2010

Crime and Punishment

It's not all denial and punishment in our house. I've had a naughty food treat or two tonight.

I've been on a brilliant weight loss programme since a couple of weeks before Christmas and I've done really well on it (Slimming World). As a result, I've had a few hours off today and had chips from our friendly neighbourhood chip van, and some lovely Cadbury's (soon to be Kraft) chocolate squares, yum. I'm not sure my SW teacher would approve, but I feel it's important to go over your Syns every now and then to give your system a bit of a boost. And it keeps morale up.

Apart from Christmas day, this has been the only real time off I've had. I can't say the plan is difficult, it certainly isn't, but a treat is nice and oh so enjoyable when you have it. That got me thinking about the parallels between my weight loss plan and my consumerism plan.

In order to get yourself out of bad "consumption" habits, you have to be a bit dramatic. This, however is not the hard bit. The hard bit comes when the dramatic period is over and normal habits are relatively free to resume.

In order to cleanse myself of marketing propaganda, I'm resisting giving into it until I've "lost the excess weight". If, however, I embark upon a marathon spending spree on the 2nd of January 2011, it'll all be in vain.

As I was discussing with the lovely "Butterknowlian" lady this afternoon, nothing is bad - in moderation. It's all about balance. The trick is to not be ruled and governed by your treats, and treats should not be a staple, they should be just that. Planned, budgeted for and enjoyed.

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