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Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'd Forgotten About This One

As you know, I'm well known for my resourcefulness but I have excelled myself this time.

I really like this day dress, clearly it has some of my tea cup favourite fabric on it so that's a big win, but the body of the dress is made from a dyed piece of curtain muslin from Ikea.

I bought a pair for my old bedroom window, since we moved I didn't have use for them for their original purpose. One of the curtains is knocking about somewhere, I used it for something but I can't think what, and the other one I have cut bits off, used it for lining and all sorts really, but it's soft, quite delicate and feels lovely.

So I made a frock. I like it. You've gotta love a free dress.

I must be honest, considering she spends so much time in front of the camera, Meg does take some crap photos herself! I look miserable as sin! ... and please don't look at the chins!

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