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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Baby Pinks

This is Meg's FAVOURITE Christmas present this year. After being repeatedly messed about by a thick bloke who doesn't know he's born, she asked me (jokingly) to make her a "full size boyfriend shaped cushion so I don't have to bother with men". So I did. And his name is Fogarty, given that he's stuffed with 4 bed pillows, thus named by the Mumatron.

Decs are down, house is clean and on with the planning for this year.

All I have to do really now (other than repair the damage the bloomin' wind has created AGAIN) is clean out my craft den.

I got a lovely dressmakers dummy for Christmas and when I got her up tp the den I realised that there is SOOOOOOO much mess up there that I had nowhere to stand her!

She's not got a name yet either ...

I'm going to be using her shortly too - I made Meg a gorgeous 50's style black and red spotty frock that needs finishing quite urgently as she needs it for a photo shoot.

But I met a new person yesterday to make clothes and lovely things for. I defy you to not make cooing noises over her deliciousness!

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  1. Aww!! Your miniature muse is gorgeous :D. I hope you have a wonderful 2012 xxx