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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tea, Sweat Shops, Haberdasheries and Dresses

What a lovely weekend I have had!

Amongst other people we have had the pleasure of this weekend (my favourite of all being the actual most adorable 5 month old German Sheppard puppy in the universe, called Huntley - his human Mum's alright too!) we had my niece come to stay, Bexy Bizzle off ofcrownheartstarfame. We only had her for a couple of days sadly, being the end of her degree time, so we crammed a lot in!

On Wednesday, I unwisely decided I was going to make a dress to wear out on Friday night. I managed to pull it off, somehow, at the 11th hour and I don't think it looks too bad! I'm quite chuffed with it actually. My first pattern made dress - I rather like it. Especially as the pattern was free from Prima and the fabric was 1940's vintage stuff given to me ages ago, so it cost me nothing except the zip.

Must get a full length shot.

So, after a couple of days of dress making, I was hot to trot when the idea of fabric porn came up for our day out on Saturday.There's a gorgeous trendy haberdashery in Monmouth, so I thought it would only be right to take my Niece on a little trip to perv at the fabrics. And we accidentally bought nearly ten metres while were there! The actual most beautiful fabric ever seen by human eyes, I do believe. Photos to follow.
So, just when you'd think a day for two fabric nerds just couldn't get any better, the Cancer Research Foundation shop pulled a blinder and we went home with a selection of more than decent sized remnants in retro style prints for less than £2.50 each. At that point we couldn't bear the excitement, so we bought a couple of cakes, and went home to overdose on tea and a dressmaking masterclass for Rebecc, who had not touched a sewing machine since school.
So, by eye, nicking a bit from patterns I already have, and drawing around things, we, together made a rather spiffing 1940's inspired tea dress. And then we went out and got pissed.
I challenge you to have a better Saturday than we did :)

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  1. wow I love the dress. I love going shopping for fabric!!!

  2. Thanks Peggy! It's a wonderful thing, fabric shopping. I love it :)