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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lest We Forget

"Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear."
William Shakespeare


  1. I need a "Like" button for my comments :)

  2. Hi Bethan
    Read Prima last night and just had to find your blog to say well done, the article was lovely and really inspirational. I have made 50 Christmas cards this year and knitted and sewed 5 presents, whilst the cost of the wool was about what I would have spent on the reciever anyway I have a real sense of satisfaction when their faces light up with gratitude.
    Looking forward to following your blog now. Congratulations.

  3. Your article in Prima has saved me from all my Christmas anxieties. In January my husband had a serious accident and has not been able to work for most of this year. Finances are extremely tight and I've been worrying for ages about how we will find the money we need to buy everything that we usually purchase in the run up to Christmas.

    I dislike the whole buying process and feel that, even with our own children to an extent, we've been spending money on Christmas gifts just for the sake of it. As parents sometimes I think that if there isn't a pile of lovely wrapped gifts under the tree then we're not generous, or good enough, to our children. How ridiculous - constant comparison to others.

    Your thoughts and methods are liberating - this year we are going to give 'services' for our family and friends, e.g. a car wash/clean, make a lunch for 2 consisting of soup, bread and cake to be delivered etc...I can't sow to save my life, but I can cook well and can make nice things with limited ingredients. So, I'm going to focus on the skills we have and try to be creative about our offerings. I thought we would show our Christmas gifts on a decorated home made 'voucher' of sorts.

    I think these gifts of time and love will go down so much better than the mass produced tat we usually think every one will want!

    It's a massive change for us, but for the first time this year, after reading the article this evening, I actually feel excited about Christmas!! The stress has gone - why didn't I think of this before?

    You're a star.

  4. Thank you SO much ANONYMOUS and Blue Kangaroo - I so appreciate your kind words and agree totally with your sentiments.
    I personally would MUCH rather a service for a Christmas present, I think my favourite would be a day in bed when you feel really well!!!I LOVE hearing from you all so PLEASE keep in touch - it makes my tummy go all gooey :) :) :) xxx