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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Radio 4 in bed - my idea of heaven. Quite sad, really, isn't it?

Finally we are again an online household. It's amazing how reliant we become on such modern commodities in such a relatively short space of time. I've never seen a teenager look so happy.

I wonder if it is totally coincidental that the 'net comes back on at the same time as the husband leaves? Maybe the Police have been monitoring his frequent visits to naked land rover sites, or the "caravans in compromising positions" he's been watching.

So the big event is done and dusted, and the pressure's off. So I celebrated by starting a new big project. Because I don't have enough going on already. Properly fitted and removable car seat covers, made, predominatly from a duvet set bought for £1 in a charity shop ages ago, because it matches my little golden shoe's interior. And because I want them to be quite protective, I've made the inner out of several layers of my good friend Pugface's bed sheets. Photos to follow, when I can be bothered to finish them. Not right now as I'm about to put mud on my teenager's head.

So I have a week (ish) sans husband. Hmmm. He has gone to a very worthy cause, and I wish I could have gone with, but there was no chance. It feels weird (but tidy, clean and free of documentaries on the nazis) when it's just the five of us, and the Labrador aint talking to us yet! SO what luxury will I afford myself while my better half is away? Overtime and Radio 4 in bed. Rock'n'roll.

Oh and before I go I must apologize to the peeps that were around my at the smashing GLC concert last night for the smell of fish. I'd like to say that it wasn't me, but it was. (at this point I'm very aware of the multi-age range that read this so am VERY aware of my overactive ability to be smutty) I read in a magazine a little while ago that a good hand treatment was to split open a couple of Omega 3 capsules and massage them into dry hands and cuticles.

Not to self - DON'T OPEN A COUPLE OF OMEGA 3 CAPSULES AND MASSAGE THEM INTO DRY CUTICLES BECAUSE A - IT DOES VERY LITTLE AND B - YOU SMELL LIKE A HARBOUR. We were all feeling quite sick by half 9, and I did wonder if my helping the INCREDIBLY drunk Newcastle girl find her boyfriend was a good idea, considering she was green when I found her ...

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