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Monday, 6 September 2010

Inspiration in Strange Places

Yay! Back to school day. I love my pet teenager, and I LOVE having her around, but I'm ever so glad on this day every year. It's not healthy for them to be stuck around the house for that long, but it's not really long enough to arrange a job or other activity.

Yesterday was an incredibly tough day, work wise, and today I feel a bit shattered. But I have just knocked out another four cakes and I'm still in awe about how much over my budget they have taken me, and just how long the whole process takes, not to mention the amount of mess that it generates on a kitchen.

I have had the telly on while I have been making a mess and I found a really interesting quote in the very strangest of places. On an advert.

In fairness, it was an advert for trendy but classic clothes for "ladies who know who they are" (as opposed to being old!) and the voice over lady said as part of her patter "shop to buy, not to shop". ooo, now that's important, isn't it? I think that's the key.

I have had a very nice request too. A good friend of mine who is a teacher, has asked me to come to her school and give a talk in assembly to the children who will be embarking on a "no spending" day in November...how excited am I?!

Shop to buy, not to shop

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