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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Facebook Free

So I'd been thinking for a while about deleting my facebook account and I've taken the plunge. Twitter is definitely the new thing.
It's the short sharp status updates I always liked rather than anything else, and Twitter strikes me as far less vain. And a lot more grown up. Sadly, facebook seems to be full of the juvenile and the ignorant. I'm sure Twitter has it's fair share, they're just a lot easier to ignore. I've met some new friends too, courtesy of Sara Soap, and found a splendid new blog that puts mine to shame. I think I'm going to enrol for a blogging master class. I would share the link but I'm mobile phone blogging this morning. I'm on a pickling drive at the moment, that's when I'm not on a yoga and doing nothing drive. It's all about food, getting out the jumpers and scarves and battoning down the hatches for winter. I love this time of year.

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