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Monday, 23 August 2010

Officially a "Z list" Celebrity Now!

Just when I thought having the pleasure of hanging about at the BBC couldn't get any better, I met Mal Pope and Lisa Rogers today. Liza Tarbuck is now out of the "best friend" spot, Lisa is officially in.


...and now Steve's just been approached by Radio 4 to contribute to a programme about the forces. I ADORE, Radio Wales, especially after the welcome and interest in my inane ramblings, but anyone who knows me personally KNOWS how I feel about Radio 4! Woman's Hour is my ultimate goal. If I achieve that, then I may as well die then as my life just won't get any better.

Been doing some crochet today, waiting to put my house back together AGAIN. I'm now officially halfway through Josie's blanket now. Trouble is it gets SOOO warm on your lap as you're adding to it that it makes you sleepy...YAWN!!!

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